Made for

Every adventure
BIG and small.

The Nudo Suit was designed to allow your little one to play, no matter what the weather conditions. We believe that jumping in muddy puddles and dancing in the rain is just as important as staying sun smart and learning to swim. Whether you’re taking your baby for their first dip in the ocean, teaching your toddler to ride waves, making friends at swimming lessons or just playing with a sprinkler at home, your Nudo Suit is made for any adventure BIG and small.

Feels so soft!

We absolutely love our Nudo Suit. It's so easy to put on (not a single tantrum) and we love that it will stretch as our daughter grows.


Amazing Design

We love that the Nudo Suit wetsuit has the zip at the front. No more uncomfortable neck rubbing from a wetsuit!


Great Fit

The best thing about the Nudo Suit wetsuit is that there is a seam around the bum and legs which means that the legs are completely free to move however they want. No more chafe! This seam also means that no water rushes up into the suit so my son stayed extra warm for longer!