It’s our Birthday !  Our Baby Turns 1 !

It’s our Birthday ! Our Baby Turns 1 !

It’s hard to believe that Nudo Suits is turning 1 this week. What an amazing journey it has been bringing our dream to fruition and we are both super thankful and humbled by your support and enthusiasm. 
The inspiration for Nudo Suits came from our frustration at not being able to find a baby sized wetsuit for our daughter that put her needs and comfort first. When she was 4 months old, we wanted her to have her first experience of the ocean, but she got so cold so quickly and we were also very conscious of not exposing her skin to the sun. Everything we saw available on the market was made of inferior scratchy neoprene, was uncomfortable and difficult to get on and off - not our idea of a fun time!! 



Eventually Grandma came to the rescue and hand made our little one her very first wetsuit. The neoprene was not great, so we decided to keep modifying her suits by cutting up my old wetsuits and refashioning them. Although the suits were not the best quality (do you know how difficult it is to sew neoprene on a home sewing machine??!!!?!?), they did the job in keeping our little one warm and sun protected. We were astonished by how many people approached us asking for one for their baby too. So, Nudo Suits was born!


Getting the design and fit of our suits right has undoubtedly been one of our biggest challenges. We sampled so many different versions to make sure our suits are perfect for all shapes and sizes and kept tweaking the design as we saw more and more children wearing them - so thank you for all your feedback and great ideas!! 


 We were equally passionate about not only making sure that our suits had low impact on the environment by using eco-friendly materials, but also that the material was super soft and comfortable on the skin. It is fair to say that learning about the process of wetsuit manufacturing has been a steep learning curve. Another huge learning curve has been to navigate our way through the complexities of setting up and running an E-Commerce business in a world that is constantly changing. Thank you for your patience and understanding if we haven’t got everything right all the time. 


As we reflect on the past year, there have been many amazing high spots. We have sent Nudo Suits all over the world - from Switzerland to South Africa to the United States and even more special, seeing them in our own backyard.  We still feel a thrill every time we take a parcel to the Post Office, knowing that a little one will soon be wearing a Nudo Suit.  We absolutely LOVE the photos and the comments you send to us, so please please keep them coming - it makes our heart feel so full!

We have such fun taking Nudo Suits on Big and Small adventures and hope that you do too. The absolute delight that our little one and her friends had recently, visiting the farm and interacting with the horses (and of course the Teddy Bear’s Picnic) made us smile with joy and will stay with us forever. 

So what comes next? We are still just at the beginning of our Nudo Suits journey. We have big dreams and there is so much to be done haha! We are developing new products to add to our range and are super excited to bring them to you. 


We would love to see a future where every child is wearing a Nudo Suits wetsuit and enjoying Every Adventure Big and Small, whilst giving you as parents, confidence that your little ones are sun safe and warm. Thank you for believing in our dream and for coming on our journey with us.


Nudo Suits - Toddler Wetsuit, Baby Wetsuit, Kid Wetsuit
Nudo Suits, Toddler Wetsuits, Baby Wetsuits, Kids Wetsuits