“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

As we count down the days until Santa comes, if you are anything like us, our intention to be super organised weeks in advance seems to disappear in a whirlwind of work, parenting a toddler and other demands on our time. Instead of getting frustrated by this we embrace the perfect imperfection of our life and trust that it will all come together, as it always does!

Nudo Limited Addition
We love Christmas! Christmas for us means spending time with family, cherishing those little rituals and traditions that mean so much to us and also getting a good share of outdoor beach fun.


Christmas Eve means going for a swim at our local beach creek and then finishing off our food shopping, doing some prep for Christmas day and baking gingerbread cookies. We always have an early family dinner, then wander around the local neighbourhood with our little one looking at all the fantastic Christmas lights. It’s super important to us to hang up our stockings and to leave out a plate of cookies for Santa and a carrot for the Reindeer!


Christmas Day starts early with a toddler (!!!!), so we go down to the beach for a swim with the family, then come home for a light breakfast and then open our stocking presents (this can take quite some time!). This year we are super excited and proud to show off our limited edition Nudo Suit at the beach and our Every Adventure Cap, knowing that our little one will be warm and sun safe too.

Lunch is a moveable feast and can happen anytime, depending on who is coming to join us. Plenty of delicious food, playtime in the pool, board games and a jigsaw puzzle, then afterwards opening presents under the tree.


Boxing Day is always a beach day for us, a time to relax and to take a breath. Leftovers to eat, toys to play with and maybe a family movie, chilling on the couch. 


From our family to yours, wherever you are and whatever your Christmas looks like, we wish you Peace, Love and Happiness and our very Best Wishes for the New Year. We look forward to hearing about all your adventures with your Nudo Suits, both Big and Small xxx