Our favourite Swimming Pool Activities with Toddlers

Our favourite Swimming Pool Activities with Toddlers


Summertime brings a multitude of opportunities for family fun, and few activities can beat playing and chilling out by the pool. Playing in the pool not only helps toddlers develop physical skills, but also nurtures a love for water and outdoor activities. To make the most of your pool time, here are some of our go-to swimming pool activities to enjoy with your little ones.
Invest in a variety of water play toys like beach balls, floating rings , squirty bath toys and a fishing net (or a kitchen sieve works well too).  Try tossing a beach ball back and forth.  Fish for the floating bath toys and then squirt each other. Help your little one swim to collect the rings, identifying their colour and number. Playing with toys in the pool engages your toddler's imagination, improves their motor skills, and confidence and makes pool time super fun – just be prepared to get wet!
Safety should always be a top priority when swimming with toddlers. Incorporate water safety into play by teaching your little one essential skills like putting their face in the water and blowing bubbles, floating or treading water or monkeying along the pool sides. You can turn these lessons into games by pretending to be sea creatures or superheroes while demonstrating the techniques.


Toddlers love watching objects float in the water. You can make boat races using homemade or cheap dollar shop boats. Let your child decorate their boat with whatever comes to hand around the pool surrounds and then race them in the pool. It's an exciting way to teach them about buoyancy and motion while encouraging friendly competition.


Create an underwater treasure hunt by throwing colourful toys, shells, or weighted dive rods into the pool. Encourage your toddler to dive (with your help) to retrieve these treasures. This activity improves their diving and breath-holding skills while making pool time an adventurous treasure hunt.


Music adds a rhythmic element to pool time. Play some of your toddler's favourite tunes (Baby Shark anyone???) and encourage them to move and dance in the water. You can also play "musical statues" - when the music stops, everyone tries to stay still and tread water.


Introduce your toddler to a kickboard, noodle or flotation device designed for their age group. Holding onto the kickboard, they can kick their legs and practice swimming strokes. This activity enhances their water confidence and improves their swimming skills.
Toddlers love bubbles and you can create a mini bubble bath in the shallow end of the pool. Use child-friendly eco bubble bath and let your little one enjoy the sensory experience of playing with bubbles .
Always remember, safety comes first, so be sure to closely supervise your toddler always and to provide age-appropriate flotation devices as needed. Spending time with them in the pool is not just about teaching them to swim. The more fun you both have, the more confident your little one will be in the water and the more they will enjoy learning the essential skills. Enjoy the summer and make a splash with your little one in the pool.