So where did Nudo Suits come from?

Our baby girl was always going to become a water baby even before she was born. The truth is, the water is our playground, our inspiration, where we feel the most connected, grounded and free. It is our sanctuary. From her earliest days, our little girl was soothed by the rising sun kissing the lapping waves in our back yard. The sand, flowers and shells were her first toys. Raising her in nature and having our daughter connected to the water is part of who we are and how we want our family to grow.

Nudo Suits was born out of this passion. We wanted a product that would keep our daughter protected from the elements and allowed us to encourage water play. We wanted her to feel comfortable in exploring the summer waves to the shady waterfalls, her first swimming lesson to the sprinkler in our backyard and most importantly splash in muddy puddles and dance in the rain. 

We started this journey by hand sewing wetsuits out of our old spring suits. They were a little rough around the edges (haha), but, we were surprised that a product like this didn’t already exist. With an overwhelming response from friends and fellow water people who saw the suits, we decided to explore creating them for you. 

Now, although we originally made them from hand, we managed to find an amazing manufacturer who has helped refine our suits and bring this dream to life.

It is our dream that our suits will enable every family to seek adventures BIG & small by keeping their little ones sun-safe and warm. 

With love, 

Nudo suits.